Our team is an assorted mix of business owners, marketeers, strategists and educators. Together, we developed the idea for Zym from our shared marketing frustrations. No one was providing a comprehensive solution that truly put businesses first, so we decided that we should build it for ourselves.

Michael Carlin, CEO, Zym

Marketing. Just better.

From day one, our goal at Zym has been to help real business owners to not just grow, but to thrive with better marketing. We had seen first hand the positive impact good marketing could have on a business. But at the same time we had experienced the frustrations and limitations put on us via an industry that was taking business owners for granted.

We were determined to create Zym for people like ourselves — real business owners — to allow us to find new customers, communicate with our existing audience and do continually better marketing, without being irritated, hampered or bound.

Our Approach

  • 1

    Put the customer back in control

    Our first commitment was to deliver a platform that puts the power back in the owner’s hands, allowing for a truly flexible strategic approach. We wanted to provide the capability to adapt at a moment’s notice and the depth to deliver complete marketing, all in one place. And all without penalising our users with unfair financial commitments and limiting tier ceilings.

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    Give the customer exceptional support

    Along with a tailored platform experience, we wanted to empower real business people with the knowledge and support to make a positive difference in their marketing efforts.

    Marketing is not easy, and we were fed up with wasting our time trying to sort the good insight from the bad. Our second commitment was to give our customers honest, regular support and access to quality resources created by qualified experts, not just someone with a youtube channel and a fancy haircut.

  • 3

    Don’t sting the customer when it works

    One of the biggest frustrations we experienced was often being unfairly penalised with price rises, inflexible financial commitments and limiting tier ceilings. Just because we became successful. As a business owner, why should you be punished for doing what you set out to do?

    Our third commitment was to not tie customers down and not to trap them with unrealistic caps and limitations.

Our People

A big part of what makes Zym such a special place to work (other than the beautiful Irish scenery) is our people’s character and spirit. Zym is the result of a genuine team effort. Everyone has a voice. Everyone adds value. Our successes are built on collaboration, pride in what we do, and a desire to help others like us do better every day.

Our Management Team

Our founder and Managing Director Michael Carlin, a native of Belfast, Northern ireland, is an experienced international business professional with over 20 years in financial services and 10 years in Marketing SaaS



Michael Carlin

Debbie is a seasoned Strategic Marketer and brings with her 30 years of marketing expertise.



Debbie Rymer

Daniel is the new kid on the block with Zymplify and at 31years old is our youngest senior member. The passion, charisma and drive with which he applies himself to problem solving and innovation is the reason he has been entrusted with bringing Zymplify to its potential place as a market leader in the MarTech sector.



Daniel Cairo

Steve is a multi-faceted, hands-on executive with a consistent track record of delivering outstanding results in challenging and fast-paced business environments. He has been involved with four successful public offerings and has helped grow companies from start-up to over $200 Million. His passion is helping early stage software companies fulfill their promise.


VP, Sales

Steve Lesser

Michael joined Zymplify in 2015 as one of the first 5 employees. Michael started the finance department for the company that was then known as Digishare360 and has proved to be so much more than a CFO.


VP, Finance & Data

Michael Green

Mark joined Zymplify following a 30 year career with IBM. During his time with IBM he was a results-driven senior Migration, Application and Data Architect. Mark has provided technical consultancy service to clientele in the Financial Services and the Government sector and possesses experience as a Global Services Method Exponent.


VP, Technical

Mark Carlin

Our Investors and Board

John Campbell of Monument Beach, MA, is the Chairman of our Board and was one of the original investors and board member of ‘Constant Contact’, a Boston based email marketing company which was sold in 2015 to Endurance International for $1.1 billion.


Chairman of the Board

John Campbell

Our founder and Managing Director Michael Carlin, a native of Belfast, Northern ireland,  is an experienced international business professional with over 20 years in financial services and 10 years in Marketing SaaS


Managing Director

Michael Carlin

John Martinson joined the board of Zymplify in 2018 after making his initial investment in Zymplfiy. John has been a venture capitalist and software industry leader for 40 years.


Investor and Director

John Martinson

Raj Kapoor is a seasoned business professional with experience across a range of sectors, including technology, recruitment / search and selection, private equity, investments, and finance.


Investor and Director

Raj Kapoor

Brian is the Investment Director, Clarendon Fund Managers where he is responsible for multiple CoFundNI investments.


Investor and Director

Brian Cummings

Steve has more than 30 years of experience leading financial strategy, and building out processes and enterprise systems. He has led both entrepreneurial and public companies and has extensive experience in operational effectiveness, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and investor relations.



Steve Lifshatz
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