How Scheduling Social Media Posts Can Boost Your Business

Social media marketing is a great way to engage with a huge number of potential customers and this channel is also one of the most cost-effective options. With social media usage at such a high level and so many different platforms to reach a broader audience with, there are many benefits to investing time in creating a powerful social media strategy. Despite there being so many advantages of social media marketing, many businesses are not able to utilise it to the full potential and the main reason for this is not having enough time. Although social media marketing costs very little compared to other marketing channels, it does require a lot of time to create high-quality, regular content. This is where many businesses fall short and lose out on the huge business potential that social media offers. Some businesses start off with all of the right intentions with detailed content plans but run out of time and creating social media posts falls down the priority list. Other businesses decide to spend more money on their social media marketing by outsourcing it. However, there is another solution that helps to keep costs down while still delivering an effective social media solution. This solution is social media scheduling, where you are able to utilise time-saving tools to boost your social media strategy. By creating your posts in advance and then scheduling them, you save significant time compared to continually logging into your social media accounts to create individual posts several times a week. These are some of the key benefits of social media scheduling:

Shows your business is always active 

If your social posts are sporadic, it is more difficult to build a relationship with your followers. It also makes people question whether your business is still open and how quickly it will take to respond to their queries, either online or otherwise.

Spend more time on creating quality content

The time that you save can be spent on your content, which will help to increase your followers and will enable you to create more engaging content that will compel followers to choose your business for their products or services.

Post outside of business hours

If you work Mon-Fri 9-5, there is a good chance that many of your followers do too. This means that posting in this window will not get as much engagement than if you posted at peak social media usage times i.e. the evenings and weekends. You can schedule posts to be published while you are at home relaxing.

Post on multiple accounts from one place

One of the actions that takes up a lot of time is logging in and out of different social media accounts. With scheduling tools, you can create your content for all channels from one dashboard.

Ensures your posts always go out on time

Scheduling your posts will also ensure that those time-critical posts will go out on time and you do not miss the cut off point before the post becomes irrelevant. For example, making sure posts go out before Black Friday and other events.

Spaces your content out

Another key benefit of scheduling your posts is that you can plan the frequency, so you have a steady stream of content instead of blasting several posts at once followed by a period of silence. Take a free 14 day trial here and find out how the social media scheduler works Want to find out more about how Zym works? Click here to view the video tour.