2022 Social Media Strategy – What Are the Latest Trends?

The start of the year is the best time to do all of the necessary business planning to set you up for a successful year ahead. One of the important aspects of planning that has a big impact on your business performance is your marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is predicted to be even more important to businesses in 2022, with over 50% of marketers planning to increase their social media spend this year. To help you to plan a highly effective social media strategy for 2022 and beyond, these are the top trends to be aware of:

Domination of short-form video

We have seen an increasing demand for shorter, more engaging video content such as TikToks and Reels. Many businesses are finding that Reels are the top-performing organic and paid ad creatives and this trend will continue well into 2022. A good example of using a Reel is to capture attention and then compel people to click on a registration ad or a call booking page. Another top way to optimise the power of a Reel is to download it from Instagram and use it in an ad to reach new customers.

Increase in social commerce and live commerce

With 84% of consumers turning to online shopping during lockdown periods, e-commerce grew exponentially in 2021. In 2022, e-commerce businesses will be leveraging social commerce to advertise products and services. Younger generations are using social networks to research brands and products, so businesses can boost their leads through social content.

Increase in customer care via social media

Another consequence of the pandemic is that consumers are communicating with businesses using online channels rather than alternatives like face to face or telephone. As well as live chat, consumers are using social media to contact businesses with queries or to send feedback. In 2022, businesses will develop their social media communication services to improve their customer care options.

Co-creation with influencers

Businesses with adequate marketing budgets will be utilising influencers more frequently, to tap into the massive reach that is possible this way. The type of influencer you work with will depend on the product or services you are selling and the budget you have to spend. There are many influencers on social media platforms who are happy to advertise products for a set amount which you can find out through the management company details that they usually provide in their bio.

Live audio chat rooms to become more popular

Facebook launched a Live Audio feature in 2020, where public figures, experts and businesses can hold live conversations about a wide range of topics, with Twitter closely following suit. Businesses can provide expertise or discuss topics their target audience is interested in to grow their followers.

More businesses move to TikTok

The social platform TikTok rose to prominence during 2020 and 2021 during lockdowns, with bored people filling time by completing and sharing dance crazes and other types of content. The increased usage of TikTok presents a big opportunity for businesses to use the channel to attract new customers by creating engaging content.

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